Aldi Shopping Trip

Today was a great day to stop at Aldi for groceries! I loved the sales on black beans, mexican corn and enchilada sauce! As well, as lettuce and zucchini. Here is what I spent:

- PB Wafer Bars .99
- Jalapeno Beans .69
- Mexican Corn .69
- Enchilada Sauce 1.29
- Milk (2) 5.98
- Flour Tortillas .99
- Zucchini .99
- Hot Dog Buns .79
- Pancake Syrup 1.49 (we were totally out!)
- Kettle Chips 1.99
- Tortilla Chips 1.19

Total OOP: $19.15

Now I am a little disappointed about what I am about to say...I have spent $103.11 for the month so far! I went over my $100 budget by a little bit due to our lovely high tax here! I am hoping that we can make our milk and fresh fruit last us until the end of the month. We shall see. 

How are you all doing? I would love to hear what your goal has been and how you are doing! 

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