Getting Locked Out Of The House!

Last night, Nathan, Hailey, Ty and I went outside to put stakes in my garden. When I went to go inside to get the string I noticed the door was locked! We were locked out! No cell phone, empty stomachs and no sippy cup! 

Thankfully, we have wonderful neighbors who let us use their cell phones to call Nathan's parents. We didn't get ahold of them but we did speak with Bo and Sarah who called them. They picked up the key for us and headed over. Total time locked out 1 hour and 45 minutes. Hailey loved it though (mostly) because she got to play in the grass and rocks. She got a bath after dinner. 

I know that God knew this would happen because I had nothing ready for dinner. I did not know what I was going to cook in a very short amount of time but then I remembered a blog post I read that afternoon! 
I stumbled upon a Jess and Jason's blog called A New Leaf: Living Our Best Lives. They have an amazing story...but what I wanted to share with you is about the idea Jess had for a meal. This was just on her weekly menu but it stuck in my mind. Are you ready?!  

Pizzadillas! Ha Ha! I had everything I needed to make a pizza Quesadilla and I knew this would take less than 10 minutes to prep and cook! It was DELICIOUS! I couldn't believe that we haven't had these before! 

Ours had tomato sauce (left over from homemade pizza night), Italian seasoning and pepper, pepper jack cheese & cheddar cheese, purple bell and banana peppers and pepperoni. Super yummy! 

Thanks Jess! I really appreciate it so much for helping us out! Even though I know you didn't know it until now! You helped us with not going out to eat! You helped us save money! 

Also, thank you to Bo and Sarah for letting us in our home! We really appreciated it!  

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