Getting the Basics...

Hailey and I made a quick stop into Aldi this morning after dropping Nathan off from work. We did have to wait a few minutes because we got there before they opened. I thought it would not be busy but I was a big wrong.

While I was sitting in the car with Hailey...nine people were waiting at the door. When I was getting Hailey into the shopping cart outside about ten more people came into the parking lot. I did get through the line quickly but there was about 25-30 people there before I left. That is a lot for such a small store in the morning. 

I picked up a package of blueberries and strawberries since they were still on sale for .99 each! Our milk is 2.99 per gallon, black beans .55 and flour 1.69. 

Total Spent after tax: $10.99 

Total Spent for the month: $33.62  

My goal this month is to stay under $100 so we have $66.38 left to spend. I know this sounds low and I know that this is some peoples budget for a week but I am trying to make this work for our family.

We have our own garden that has given us okra, basil, romaine lettuce and soon corn. Hopefully by the end of the month or so we will have zucchini, kale, radishes and tomatoes. Also, Nathan's parents have given us tons of tomatoes, okra, banana peppers and jalapeno  peppers. 

I have stocked up on canned and frozen veggies, pasta (whole wheat, veggie & regular), rice (brown and white), cereals, chicken, fish and breads. Soon we will be stocked up on beef! 

I can say it pays off to build a stockpile especially when it is food. I am starting to become very creative in what meals we eat. I try to make them well rounded meals...especially for Miss Hailey.  

This is a look at what we have been eating this week: 

Breakfasts: cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, cereal, pop tarts (cheerios for Hailey and fruit)
Lunches: PB sandwiches, chips, cookies (homemade), fruit ---- Nathan 
                 Chicken, mac and cheese, fruit, veggies --- Hailey and I....I also mix in some beans and rice. 

Sunday: Homemade pizza -- all veggies were from a garden --- lunch and dinner ----
Monday: Dinner with family --- okra, zucchini and squash casserole, fresh fruit, pork tenderloin with black bean salsa (yummy!) 
Tuesday: Jalapeno & Cheese Brats or Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Fried Okra and fruit.
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Quarters, Green Beans and Baked Potatoes
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Spaghetti or homemade pizza
Saturday: Nathan's 10 year HS Reunion --- eating there

I will not have to purchase anything for these meals. We have it all already. Some of these items are things that I have stocked up on. If we need a dessert or more cinnamon rolls I can whip them up quickly. 

I have learned you can save a good amount of money if you just take some time, sit down and write out your meal plan. Get creative. Make dishes you normally wouldn't make...you may find a new family favorite! 

What will you be cooking this week?! Need ideas...just let me know! 

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