Saving money on meat!

Check out our new addition to our home! A new deep freezer! We found the best price at Sam's Club for about $160! This is made by GE...which is a great manufacturer in my book! We have been looking for about the last 4-5 months and this was the best we could find. 

I am sure if we would have waited awhile longer we may have been able to find a better deal but we did not have more time. We will be receiving our 1/4 of cow this week! Hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday! Nathan's parents are also getting 1/4 of cow...it was great that we could split half of the cow! 

We are very lucky to have been able to get half of a cow! One of my great friend's dad raises cows on his land. Every so often he will put up a cow for processing. Thankfully since we asked he decided that he could do this for our family! 

Check with local farmers in your area and see if this is a possibility for you and your family. This can save you money and time!

I am looking for this to last us up to a year...depending on how well the meat freezes. Having this meat will be a huge treat for Nathan and I because I will say that sometimes we do not have the money for the high prices for meat in the store. We eat a lot of chicken. :-D 

If I could, I would totally have my own chickens and cows. Too bad we live in the city. Keep your eye out for a picture of our stock up on meat soon! 


  1. Hi Carlye, we’re glad you’re finding your new deep freezer from Sam’s Club helpful! Check out some of our burger recipes from Simply Delicious Meals (http://www3.samsclub.com/meals/recipes/barbecue-avocado-burgers-recipe) for fun ideas! – Amie from Sam’s Club

  2. Thank you so much, Amie! I may have talked my sister and brother in law in getting the same one. It is a perfect size and a great price! I will check the recipe ideas out...thanks again!


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