Home Additions...Looking everywhere you can!

I love yard sales! I found some great items for a great price. Well...my Nana helped me find some of them. Check out what I found at 2 yard sales! 

These 3 pictures frames cost me $2.00! The first and third one are for my picture frame collage in the living room. I will paint these a different color but need to find more picture frames first. The middle one is for my Necklace holder. I will paint this white, drill holes inside the top part of the frame and add hooks. Simple as that. (Keep your eye out for a tutorial.) 

This clock cost $3.50!!! Super excited about this deal. If Nathan didn't like the clock it was going to go to Nana's house. :-D Thankfully he did! Right now it is hanging in the kitchen but we may move it to the living room. Haven't made a final decision yet. 

Total OOP: $5.50 

Remember you can find some GREAT DEALS at yard/garage sales, consignment sales and flea markets. I am hoping to go back out this coming weekend to see if I can find more picture frames and maybe some kitchen canisters! 

Share your finds with me! 

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