Motivation to Get Healthy and In Shape!

I search for a motivational quote for weight loss and this picture can up on the second page. I looked at a few more pages but determined that this said it all. Simple and to the point.

I am going to use this as a motivation for me to get healthy and into shape! Last night, I was looking at the pictures Nathan took of me opening my birthday presents and let me say I was not happy with what I was seeing. I know most people say that I do not need to lose weight and I look good but the honest truth is I DO! lol 

Before I became pregnant with Hailey, I decided to get in shape and healthy before I became pregnant. I knew I would gain about 30 or more pounds after getting pregnant and I did not want that to be on top of what I weighed at the time. My weight was almost 160 at the time (working at a Southern Restaurant did not really help me). My goal was to lose about 25 lbs before becoming pregnant and I made it! 

I had more energy, loved to go shopping for clothes but most of all I was happy and felt good about myself! 

Now lets talk about now...I weigh about 154 right now and it has been 14 months since I have had Hailey. I did take a boot camp class with my friend, Cara but it did not really help me to lose any weight...it did make me bulk up. lol Not really what I was going for! 

At the beginning of the summer, Nathan purchased me Turbo Fire! I love it so much! It is lots of fun and it kicks my butt! Nathan was even doing it! We made it almost 3 weeks and then I hurt my elbow. It was just a combination of daily activities done throughout my days. It has gotten a little better but still hurts. 

I have decided that this can not be my excuse anymore to not workout! There are many things I can do without injuring my elbow even more. This week, I have felt the urge to just got run outside! Of course, I have not done this yet but I am hoping to be able to go out tonight after church. 

I would love a running buddy to help motivate me but haven't found one yet. I would also like to start doing Turbo Fire again. I may not follow the exact schedule they give you since it is very intense but at least do a workout 2 to 3 times a week plus running. 

I am writing all of this on here for accountability. If I tell someone what I have been doing, it usually motivates me to do more. I get excited that I can tell someone that I just ran 1 mile or 5 miles or that I worked out for 45 minutes. 

Is there anyone out there willing to do a challenge with me? To get in shape and eat healthy? Let me know! I would love to help motivate you, as well! 

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