Oh how I love the week of my Birthday!

I must say...I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Companies all over Chattanooga have sent me great coupons for free entrees, drinks, side items, desserts and even money off of shoes! 

Today, Mrs. Joy, Hailey and I had lunch at Moe's! I was excited because before I left I checked my email and found a FREE ENTREE coupon to Moe's! All that needed to be paid for was a drink! Love it! 

A week or so ago, I also received $5 off at DSW that could be combined with up to 2 - $10 rewards certificates! This evening I was able to check out their clearance shoes and here is what I found! I am super excited about this purchase! 

If you look REALLY closely to the receipt, you will noticed that I saved $79.99! I paid $0.01 -after only having to use 1 - $10 rewards certificate and my $5 off! I was super excited. I told the cashier, "It was a couponer's dream"! He was excited as much as I was! 

I found these shoes in the clearance area where every day they have shoes markdown from 30-75% off! As I was looking, I noticed that these shoes had a yellow tag...which didn't correspond with the normal 30-75% colors. I quickly realized it meant 80% off making these shoes $11.99! Or practically FREE with my coupons. 

As we were walking out to the car, Nathan said that I was definitely going to blog about this purchase! I told him of course! I will also say that we went to Best Buy because Nathan received a $10 gift card there (from Bank of America) and a $10 coupon from his rewards card with Best Buy. He purchased 2 cds and only had to pay $3.09 oop! We both had great savings! 

On Saturday, I will be going and having my FREE drink at Starbucks! A venti iced caramel machiato - non fat! AND use my $5 off at McAlister's Deli for a potato spud which will only cost me $1 plus a drink! Super excited! 

What have you received from companies on your birthday? I would love to hear! 

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