Another Small Trip To Aldi!

While pouring Hailey her cup of milk after breakfast...I realized that Hailey was out of milk and running low on fresh fruit! Thankfully, I was taking Nathan to work this morning so Hailey and I made a stop after to pick up what we needed. 

I was very sad to see that the blueberries were priced at $2.49 (normally .99) and strawberries at $1.98 (normally .99). They did have beautiful watermelon and grapes. I, of course, got grapes. 

- 2 Mixed Vegetable Cans .59 each
- 1 Gallon Milk 2.99
- 1 Jar Salsa (trying this out) 1.79
- 2.02 lbs Bananas .89
- 2 lbs Grapes 1.98

Total Spent: $9.52 

I calculated out what I was going to spend so I knew my total would be under $10 except the cashier told me $11.65. I paid him but then I looked at my receipt and realized that I was charged twice for the grapes. (This is why I always look at my receipts BEFORE I leave the store.) I knew the price was wrong but they ring up the items so fast that I had to look at my receipt after. :-D No worries though.  

Total Spent for the month: $76.36

How are you doing?! 

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