Publix and CVS Shopping Trip 8 15

After eating dinner with Nathan, I headed out to Publix to pick up a few deals. I did end up getting a rain check for the Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt...so I will have to go back. Oh darn. Ha Ha!

Here is what I was able to get:

- 2 McCormick Grillmate Seasonings - FREE after .50/1 coupon - both doubled to 1/each
- 1 Seattle's Best 4 pk Vanilla Latte's - 2.49 after 1/1 store q and 1/1 MFC (sent in mail)
- 3 Chips Ahoy - 2 @ .75 and 1 @ 1.24 (forgot competitor q's do not double) used (2) 1/1 store q and (1) .50/1 target q

Subtotal: $5.22 
Tax: .79

Total OOP: 6.01                                 Total Saved: 14.70 or 74% 

After the Publix trip, I noticed that our gas light was on and then I remembered the CVS gas card deal that I planned out! When I was on the way home...I couldn't find a Shell gas station! We do have one and if I would have thought a few more minutes before going to the CVS near my house...I would have remembered that there is a CVS near Publix with a Shell Gas Station ACROSS THE STREET! 

I need memory booster pills or something! I did make it home with enough gas for Nathan to go out tomorrow to the Shell gas station! 

Here is what I ended up purchasing: 

Transaction #1:

-5 Gatorades 1.00 each 

Used $4 ECB 

Total OOP: 1.00 plus tax 

Received $5 ECB     Total Saved: 7.85 or 89%

Transaction #2:

- 2 Airwick Freshmatics 6.99 each - Used $4 off MFC q = $2.99
- 2 Huggies Slip On 8.99 - Used (2) $3 off MFC q and (1) $2 off, (1) $3 off CVS q = $6.98 
- 1 Caramello - FREE after free CVS machine q
- 1 CVS bandaids 20 ct. = FREE after free CVS machine q

- Minus $5 ECB from previous transaction

Total OOP: $7.96 plus tax 

Received $10 Gas Card      Total Saved: 87% or 103% when you factor in the gas card!! 

Not too bad! I am excited that I could get diapers and a gas card! Thankful that I was blessed in finding what I needed for this Gas Deal and saving so much money! It truly is amazing! 

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