Check This Out!

This picture really does not do the fabric that Sarah and I found justice but I have been searching for a sample picture for over an hour now! Ha Ha! I should have just taken a picture of the fabric when we left the store. 

This fabric will be for curtains for my kitchen...Sarah (who is amazing!) will be making them for me for my birthday this weekend! Not sure if they will be ready by then but that is okay! I will wait as long as need be! 

I have also found the Glass Jar Canisters for the kitchen. Mrs. Joy and I will be heading to Target tomorrow afternoon to pick those up. Pray they have the sizes I would like. Also, since they are clear glass I have found Canister Labels on etsy.com but cannot decide which one I would like. 

Can you help me decide? Follow the link to see the pictures.

These labels come in many different fonts and in a pack of ten. Made by Mustard Seed Dream

These labels come in a 4 pack. LeenTheGraphicsQueen.

Please check them out and let me know your opinion! 

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