To Do List For Tomorrow August 2

Well...since my birthday is coming up on August 21st, I figured I would go out and get some ideas for what I would like on my birthday list. I normally am in need of clothes but I actually have a good wardrobe for right now. I may need only a few pieces but that would be about it. 

I have a birthday list started but I have removed and added ideas already. :-D It is not a long list and most of the items are inexpensive. Most of them are for our home. Things like: a Canning Set, Lowe's or Home Depot Gift Card (for chalkboard paint, wood, nails, ect.), 12-16 pc. Dinnerware Set, Mango Cutter, Coupon Clutch and Kitchen Canisters. 

Here is my list for stores I would like to visit to see if I can find these items for a great deal! 

Store List: 

- Hobby Lobby
- Bethlehem Thrift Store (a friend just found this one)
- Michael's 
- Target 
- T.J. Maxx
- Ross 
- Goodwill Store 

If you have any ideas for me of stores or great brands for the items I have, please let me know! 

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