What A Beautiful Sunday To Can Pears!

I just love Sundays! It is amazing what you can accomplish in one afternoon/evening! I do  not know what it is about making homemade items on a Sunday...but it is great. And I am glad to have been able to share it with a friend! 

Yesterday, I made Avocado, Tomato and Mango Salsa and I helped my friend, Kristy can Pear Preserves. The picture above is of my new canning kit that I received for my birthday! I cannot tell you how excited I was to have this! I knew I could put it to great use! (Hence why I asked for it...hehe) 

Anyways, I have never made pear preserves before so I had to search for a great recipe. I wasn't really finding any so I called my friend Nina and her mom Mrs. Janet (my other mom) because they make it every year! I will say the only reason I knew this was because they had give me some to take home last year! 

So I took what Mrs. Janet told me and a recipe that I finally found on allrecipes.com and began the work. Kristy and I peeled, cored and sliced almost 15 cups of pears which equaled out to 8 - 16 oz jars. 

We ended up with more pears that we originally thought we would have so we looked for another recipe that we could use. The first one called for 8 cups of sugar but we cut this down a little. (that is a lot of sugar!) With the second recipe we found...we could cook it in the slow cooker with just 3 cups sugar, cinnamon and all spice. 

Here is what we ended up with: 

This was lots of fun to do but I do not know when we will use pears again. lol We are looking into going to pick our own blueberries and strawberries and then making some more jam and/or jelly! 

Do you have any recipes you could share with me? Email me at rankincarlyejean34@gmail.com - I can't wait to see what you have! 

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