Farmer's Market, Publix and Walmart

Before we headed home from church this afternoon, I wanted to stop at the farmer's market. I was looking for cilantro...as you can see that is not what I found! We ended up purchasing some small peaches and 10 chili peppers.

Total  OOP: $4 

Once we got home from the market, we all had leftovers for lunch. Hailey needed a nap and Nathan wanted to read so I knew it would be the perfect time for me to get out and do a little shopping by myself. 

I have received a ton of tomatoes from family and friends and I did not want them to go bad before I could eat them all. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! Make Avocado, Tomato and Mango Salsa (Recipe here). Only problem was...I did not have all the ingredients. I needed the mango, avocado and cilantro. (a good portion of the recipe)

I first went to Walmart. I purchased 12 newspapers (3 for me and 9 split between two friends), 1 avocado (1.88) and lime juice (1.94).  

Total OOP: $7 plus tax (this is minus what I am owed) 

Before I continue, I wanted to say something about that lovely avocado! Walmart normally (here) does not have the best produce...even the locally grown area that they offer. So when I saw this beautiful avocado for only $1.88 (Aldi's small ones were $1.50) I was so excited! And let me tell you...it was beautiful on the inside as well! 

Next, I headed to Publix. I still needed mango and cilantro. I also had a rain check for Yo Plus Yogurt (BOGO) and found store coupons for $1 off produce and $1 off fresh meat. Here is what I purchased: 

- Cilantro .99
- 3 Yo Plus Yogurts - .44 (used 3 - .50 off coupons that doubled)
- Pork Chops 2.83 (used $1 off fresh meat)
- 1 Mango .29 (used $1 off produce)

Total OOP: $4.55 plus tax

Total Savings: $5.00 or a little over 50% savings! 


The salsa is amazing! I made mine in a mini food processor (chopper) but it did not seem to take me too much longer than if I would have used a large one. If you look at the picture
 <----- you can see the one I used. Hope you enjoy!

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