Saturday Afternoon Shopping

This afternoon, we headed out to do a little shopping. Our first stop, Walmart! The main goal was to pick out a paint color (and hopefully get the paint) and purchase wipes for Hailey! 

As you can see, this was a huge success! Nathan helped (gave in) me choose a color for our laundry room! The color is a blue with a hint of gray. I am hoping to get this room painted soon but first I need to fill in some holes (from moving the shelving rack). 

I have put up a patch of the color we chose on the wall to make sure it looks good. I already love it. :D Be on the lookout for a finished laundry room! (I even had a coupon for the paint! Visit coupons.com!)

Our other stop was to Earth Fare. I received a coupon for fresh, boneless and skinless chicken breasts - cost $1 per pound up to 2 lbs per person. This package was a little over 2 lbs but they packaged it. Cost before this coupon was $12.30 after coupon and tax $2.41! 

How amazing is that?! I haven't been to Earth Fare in awhile because last time I was there I purchased strawberries and blueberries for a higher price than I usually do...and they went bad so quickly! I was very disappointed! I normally buy my fruit at Aldi but we were shopping for other items at Earth Fare so I thought I would just pick my fruit up there. Oh well I guess. 

They have redeemed themselves a little bit with the awesome coupons they send out! Have you signed up for them? Visit the welcome home page at earthfare.com! 

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