Busy Weekend!

I will say that this weekend has been crazy. There has been so much going on that I had to take a short break from keeping up with all the deals and blogging. I hope you haven't missed me too much. I did make time to post about the success of my yard sale and the delicious zucchini bread my nana and I made! 

Late Saturday afternoon, my grandparents stopped by to visit and to help Jessica and I with the yard sale. They are on their way to Houston, TX - my papa is a truck driver so there are some times where he happens to get a truck load that goes past our exit! They had a hard time getting here but finally made it during our yard sale. Nana had great ideas of how to display and organize our items and it helped so much...we sold items that we were having a hard time selling. 

During this time, Nathan and Little Miss Hailey were not feeling too well. Thankfully, no fevers and most of it was due to allergies...well at least for Hailey. One great thing was that Hailey learned how to blow her nose! lol Sarah and Mrs. Joy taught her how to do this...it was so cute. Even though they were not feeling well, we were able to get a good amount of things done. 

- Made Zucchini Bread
- Spackled the Laundry Room (I will be painting this room this week!)
- Organized my Tastefully Simple products and papers. 
- Dinner with Nathan's parents, sister and grandmommy -- lots of fun! 
- Yard Sale

Now with the yard sale, I had Fiesta Ware left over that I wanted to sell and through our neighborhood list serve (email) I was able to sell it all and more. I was super excited! I now and able to purchase more of the white dishes that I received for my birthday! 

I have started a list of items that I would like to Price Match at Walmart. I will keep you up to date! 

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