First Yard Sale...

Well, I am finally sitting down for a little bit after our yard sale to talk about how it went. It was such a success! I started with $26 in change and ended up with $463! That is a $437 profit! I couldn't believe it! 

I sold a 32'' tv (this was just picked up a few minutes ago), tv stand, kitchen chairs with table, vintage loveseat, xbox 360 with games, fiesta ware goblets, slipcover, crockpot and much more! My friend Jessica and her husband had a lot of items to sell and they sure did.

I was very happy with the turn out - God blessed us so much with a great location and lots of traffic! People were very impressed with our set up, the items we had and how great the condition the items were in! We were even able to give people ideas of how to repurpose so of the big ticket items they purchased! 

It was a lot of fun...but it was VERY TIRING! I can feel almost every part of my body aching and I got sunburn on my face! I was even in a very talkative mood with only one cup of coffee! (Most people would say that I normally am in a talkative mood but coffee sure helps out!)

What savings have you had this weekend? What are you planning on purchasing? I would love to hear! 

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