Shopping Trip - Spending Our Money Wisely

Today was the day I HAD to go grocery shopping. We were out of milk, fruit, bread, cereal, ect. (all the essentials) I have to say how much I love Aldi. People always wonder how I spend so little on groceries and it is mainly because of Aldi's low prices! And of course - couponing but that is mostly for toiletries and odds and ends. 

Anyways, here is a breakdown of my shopping trip today: 

- 1 bag crinkle fries 1.89
- 2 frozen pizzas 1.98
- 2 boxes frozen waffles 2.58
- chicken tenderloins 3.66 (baking for Hailey's lunches)
- 1 box cereal 1.79 (i paid full price...eekkk!)
- 2 whole young chickens 2.89/3.24  --- .69/lb
- 4 peaches 1.00
- 2 plums .50
- 2 nectarines .50
- 1 mango .89
- 1 cantaloupe .99 
- 1 bag tortilla chips 1.19
- 1 bag kettle chips 1.98
- 1 pk sliced cheese 2.29
- 1 pk sliced pepperoni 1.99
- 1 pk flour tortillas .99
- 2 pks peanut butter wafers 1.98
- 2 boxes mac and chz .78
- 1 can evaporated milk .75
- bananas 1.13
- 3 cans veggies 1.57
- sour cream 1.29
- 1 spaghetti sauce 1.19
- white bread .79
- 1 bag shredded cheese 2.99
- 2 gallons milk 5.98

Total OOP: $48.81 plus tax 

This should last us about 2 weeks - I know I will have to buy milk and maybe some fruit but hopefully that should be all until my next shopping trip. 

Tonight after a Mary Kay Fall Product Test Panel meeting, I headed over to Walmart. I was hoping to make it before the deli closed because Nathan has been hinting about REALLY wanting deli lunch meat. Thankfully they were open! 

Here is what I purchased: 

- 5 Wisks 1.99 each (priced matched - Food Lion 3.99 and used a $2 off coupon)
- 1/2 lb smoked turkey breast 2.19
- 1 notebook 1.00 (for me)

Total OOP: $13.14 plus tax

How are you all doing? I would love to hear about your shopping trips! 


  1. Hi there! I love Aldi too :) Just wanted to give you a heads up that Aldi is not the best place for spaghetti sauce. I got spaghetti sauce for only $0.50 at Target this past week with a coupon. But typically, I pay no more than $1 for this with sales. That may be something to keep an eye out for! Thanks for all your blogging - I'm enjoying reading.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I normally do not buy spaghetti sauce from Aldi but we were completely out and I have not seen a good deal on sauce this week so I just bought one jar until another sale.

    Another idea for spaghetti sauce - Check out Buddy's (from the cake boss)cooking show on TLC - he has a super simple homemade sauce. I may make this next week.

    Thanks again! Love your husband's cooking posts. Food looks so yummy.


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