Wonderful day...

Today has been pretty great so far. I received a sweet email from a lady about my blog. I was able to talk with my friend Jessica Melin (friends from college/bridesmaid in my wedding) on the phone - we haven't talked in awhile so it was so nice. I also had my wonderful friend, Lisa come over for some "girl" time. I got a good amount of cleaning done around the house. And I did not have to bake or cook anything for dinner. (Leftover Potato Soup - heating in the crock pot - and yummy Italian bread.)

I am enjoying some quite time right now (the girls are down for a short nap) before my hubby gets home and we head to church. I love it. Except I do am pretty sure I think more clearly with the noise of the girls running around. :D A new skill learned. lol 

I am sure a lot of you are wondering when my next couponing trip will be...that is the greatest thing about a stockpile - you do not have to go shopping as much. I will be going to Target and Walmart soon...probably tomorrow night...to pick up a few freebies. I will also be going to Aldi for our main groceries. Aldi is having great deals this week: .99 cantaloupe, .99 grapes, .25 peaches, plums, and nectarines...as well as Tyson Premium Fresh Young Chicken .69 per lb. 

I will be stocking up on chicken and also picking up one or two cantaloupe. I will most likely be getting some of those yummy peaches (maybe to can?)...we shall see if we eat them first. 

What deals have you found this week? I would love to hear about your trips. 

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