Fall Is In the Air!

Fall Decorating Ideas

I just love this fall centerpiece. I may make this my centerpiece this year! Too cute!

Fall Decorating Ideas

Who would have thought that dried corn kernels, kidney beans and lentils would look so pretty. I am pretty sure this would not cost too much money to put together! 

Fall decorating ideas.

I totally wish I had a fireplace mantel. This would look so nice in our house. I hope this will inspire you to do this in your home! 

Fall Decorating

One of the reasons I love fall is apples are in season! It is amazing how many different apples you could choose from! This decoration would be so beautiful out on an enclosed front porch. Or if you are like me...I would put it on the kitchen table and then eat the apples through the week. Then fill it back up next week. Never wasting an apple! 

{All of these looks can be found on pinerest.com - search for fall decorating ideas!} 

I hope this has inspired you a little bit! I will see if I can make one of them for our home! I would love to the centerpiece for my kitchen table! So cute! 

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