Grocery Shopping - October 1st!

I feel like I haven't been to Aldi in forever. It has been a couple of weeks so that must be why. We did go to Walmart more than normal for items that we needed...unfortunately this week some of those items went on sale at Aldi. Oh well...you can't get every good deal. 

Here is a breakdown of my trip to Aldi: 

- bread .89
- 2 tortilla chips (spicy salsa) .99 each - these were 1.99 last week!
- shredded cheese 2.99
- 2 baking mixes 1.99 each
- shredded mini wheats 1.79
- popcorn 1.49
- apple juice 1.49
- 2 gal milk 3.19 each (do not like this price at all)
- 4 granny smith apples 1.00 (at walmart I paid over 3.00 for 4 apples)
- bananas 1.12 
- 2 pineapples .99 each (they smelled so delicious!)
- 4 gala apples 1.00 
- chicken nuggets 3.99
- 4 boxes mac n cheese .39 each
- 2 boxes stick butter .79 each
- bag of oranges 1.49 
- eggs 1.39 (do not like this price either)

Total OOP: $38.90          

I will probably go back for more oranges, apples and pineapples. Those prices are amazing! It did hurt a little to look back at what I paid for apples at Walmart last week but they were for Nathan since he was sick. That makes it a little better for me. lol

Today, we also went to Publix. I did not realize that some of my coupons expired yesterday and that they were starting a new Yellow Advantage Flyer. That meant no free cereal or cheap Snack Well Bars. I was very disappointed. 

Here is a breakdown of my two items.

- 1 Fiber One 80 calories 2.50
- 1 Aunt Jemima Pancakes 1.35

used $1 off fiber one cereal and $1 off aj pancakes 

Total OOP: $1.85 plus tax                Total Saved: $5.15 or 74% 

I wish I could have went to the store yesterday but I was not feeling well at all. No shopping but I did get to go eat out with Nathan, Hailey and our friends Kristy and Charles at Five Guys. They messed up our order so my burger was free, they re-made Hailey's grilled cheese and let us have the mess up grilled cheese. They put my toppings on Hailey's grilled cheese. It was very interesting. 

What deals did you score? How did you do on your grocery budget last month? I would love to hear! 

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