Week Update!

What an amazing coffee cup to add to my collection! Every time Nathan goes out of town for work, he gets me a coffee cup! (or if we go somewhere special or new) This one is from Puerto Rico! Nathan had meeting with the Board of Directors - place chosen was Puerto Rico! He is very lucky. 

There was a reasoning behind why they chose to do it there...this week there is a CBMC conference being held in Puerto Rico and the board usually attends so why buy two plane tickets when you could just buy one. Very smart and money saving men!

I must say again that I feel I haven't been writing as much and going out to find great deals. This pregnancy has a lot to do with it...I am very tired once I am done babysitting and Nathan gets home. I have been going to bed very early which is a huge change for me since I am a night owl. Hopefully, once I am out of the first trimester I will get back to "normal". We shall see. 

I have been doing most of our grocery shopping at Aldi this month and I did go over our normal monthly budget but my grandparents were here this week (since Nathan was out of town). More mouths to feed means more food to buy. I haven't calculated the total amount the I have spent for this month but I am pretty sure it is about $175-180. 

I will say...that I am still happy with that. We did go out to eat a couple of times but of course - we used some coupons! 

How have you done this week? I would REALLY love to hear! 

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