Weekend Shopping!

I feel like I haven't been "deal" shopping in so long but I was able to do this weekend! Friday, I headed to Toccoa, Ga to visit with my sister in law. Mrs. Joy and Hailey were with me too...so it was a great girls weekend. 

Saturday was shopping day. We headed to a consignment sale to look for clothes for little miss Hailey. Super excited about what we were able to get. (Sorry no picture-they headed to the laundry room when we got home.) Here is what we purchased: 

- 2 pant/shirt sets $4
- 1 brown pants $0.50
- 1 blue and white shirt $1.50
- 1 pink and brown slippers $2.00
- something else...i cannot remember $1.00

- 1 jean jumper $6
- 1 white candy cane Christmas sweater $4

- 1 blue jeans $3.50

Total Spent: $22.50 --- this was between mrs. joy, bekah and myself. great finds! 

After the consignment sale, we headed to walmart to see if we could find the $3.97 Scrub n bubbles kits and cover girl makeup. We ended up purchasing 10 cover girl blushes and 1 pack of baby wipes. 

Total Spent: $0.50 plus tax (ended up being under $3 total)

Now today's purchase was a little more complicated. My friend Jessica and I had to go to two different Walgreens for the above items. Here is a breakdown of my transactions: 

Store One - Transaction One

3 Cottonelle 12 packs $5 each

Used: (3) .75 off 1 coupons, $1 off store coupon -took off $3

Total OOP: $9.75 plus tax   Received $4 RR 

Transaction Two: {This was Nathan's request...we were completely out of soap!}

2 Softsoap Refill - BOGO $7.99

Used: $4 RR 

Total OOP: $3.99 plus tax 

Store Two- Transaction One

2 Cottonelle 12 packs $5 each

Used (1) .75 off 1 and (1) .50 off 1 coupon and $1 store coupon - took off $2

Total OOP: $6.75 plus tax     Received $3 RR

Transaction Two: 

3 Cottonelle 12 packs $5 each
2 Reese Cup $1.00 (filler items)

Used: (3) .75 off 1 coupons and $1 store coupon - took off $3
Plus (2) $2 RR borrowed from Jessica

Total OOP: $6.75     Received $4 RR (gave to Jessica) 

I spent $27.24 plus tax and still have $3 RR towards my next purchase. Some of the toilet paper will be shared with Mrs. Joy. 

I saved $30.53 which is a little over 50% --- not too bad and we are now stocked up on toilet paper and hand soap! And I even got a little bit of candy! 

How are you doing?! 

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