Finally a Publix & Bi Lo Shopping Trip!

Wow...I feel like I haven't been to Publix or Bi-Lo in such a long time. My order was not big but did take me a couple of hours to figure out. I did not get everything on my list but I did add a few good deals. Here is a breakdown: 

{The above picture is of my shopping trip to Publix.}

- 3 Fiber One Cereal 1.31 each after $2 store coupon and $1 man. coupon
- 3 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cereal .90 each after $1 off coupon 
- 6 Publix Cokes (variety) .50 each
- 1 (18 ct) eggs 1.00 after $1 man. coupon (when you buy 2 Kellogg's cereal)
- 2 avocados 1.50 after $1 store produce coupon
- 1 Publix cheese 1.79 after $1 store dairy coupon
- 1/2 lb turkey lunch meat 3.15 after $1 store deli coupon
- 2 packs chicken breasts 3.36 and 3.48
- 1 La Creme yogurt .50 after $1 store coupon
- 2 Classico Sauces 2.89 (no coupons)

Total OOP: $25.03 (regular tax was -0.46 and food tax was $3.20) 

Total Saved: $35.71  ----not too bad! Especially since we really needed chicken and cereal. 

At Bi-Lo, I only purchased a few items. I did get 2 rainchecks for the meal deal and pampers wipes. Here is a breakdown of what I purchased: 

- 2 Country Crock Butters .18 
- 4 Banquet Meals 3.52

Total OOP: $3.70 plus tax

Total Before Savings: 16.67 

Overall, I was very happy with my purchases. I hope to be able to continue to stock up on more items that I need. Also, I hope that Publix gets more items in stock from the green advantage flyer. Here is hoping! 

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