Week Update!

I feel like I haven't been writing on my blog a lot lately. I have been having headaches and migraines and of course morning sickness which turns into afternoon sickness and then evening sickness. lol Thankfully, my doctor prescribed me some medicine to take care of that. So, I should be back to posting more often soon. 

This week, I have made Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and Homemade Pizza! The cinnamon rolls were for a friend of mine who recently received a job promotion - she loved them the first time I made them so I knew they would be a perfect way to celebrate! The pizza was on a whim last night...I found pepperoni in the lunch meat drawer and I had some cheese. Also, I opened a small can of tomato sauce tuesday night to use on the stuffed peppers but did not use the whole thing...this made for great sauce on the pizza ---with some italian seasonings added. 

I will be trying more recipes later in the week. Tomorrow, I will be grocery shopping and will pick up the necessary items to can some Pear Preserves for a friend of mine. Pictures will soon come! 

 In other news, my garden is doing amazing...lots of tomatoes are coming! (Finally!) Hailey and I went outside today to check to see what was going on back there. I must admit...I have not been watering the garden like I should be but it seems to have been doing better. Makes me happy. I am seeing about 4 or 5 different types of tomatoes out there so I am really excited! 

What have you been cooking or baking? Anything coming out of your garden? I would love to hear! 

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