What a morning!

This has been a crazy morning! I woke up at 5:00 am to take Nathan to get on the shuttle (goes to either the atlanta airport or nashville airport) - mind you we went to bed at 11 pm. And yesterday was crazy busy with church, cleaning, getting lunch, cleaning, Tastefully Simple party 4:30 to 6:50, small group 7 to 9:30 (at my house) and then getting Nathan packed! 

{Side note: I forgot to purchase newspapers yesterday...again! This is the second week in a row. I need to get back into the swing of things with my coupons. I have a pretty good stockpile but I am running low on some items - diapers, wipes, different foods. I just got to make a shopping list and go!}

Anyways, this morning Hailey woke up around 8:30. I picked her out of her bed and went to change her diaper. Only to find her soaked! I took her pants off and looked at her diaper to see what happened...I found the front of her diaper had flipped out and you could see the inside! What a mess! 

I got her un-dressed and ran her to the bathroom for a bath. Except, she ran away from me into her room to play...reminding you - she had no clothes or diaper on! She went to play with some of her toys...when I got to her (with in 30 seconds) she was looking at the floor. She had peed on the carpet! 

What is funny is...she did this to my nana yesterday! She ran away and peed in the living room. I wish she could have done this on the kitchen floor or bathroom since it is tile but no...she had to use the carpet! 

I do think that it is potty training time! She knows how to take her diaper off if asked and she knows how to go the bathroom without her diaper on. lol Now I just need to teach her how to go in the little potty. Any ideas? I would love to hear your experiences, advice and recommendations. 

I hope the rest of this day is pretty normal. We shall see! 


  1. If you go to a Time2Save workshop, you can get the Sunday paper delivered to your house. You can get 5 papers or 10. And it's really cheap.

  2. I have thought about doing that but I do not get 5-10 papers each week. I decide how many to get based on the coupons. Also, Nathan's grandmommy saves gets me 2 to 3 papers. :D

    I buy my papers at Walmart for $1 each. Some weeks I purchase 4-6 others just 2 and sometimes 10. lol I am all over the place.

    Do you get them delivered to your house?


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