What You Can Get for Under $50 @ Aldi!

I Love Aldi! I can always stay within our grocery budget for the month because of this store. I am able to get our staple items for a great price (even without coupons). I am not an "extreme"  couponer...which some many not believe...but it is true. My stockpile is a normal size. (I actually wish it was bigger...slowly but surely it will get there.) 

Here is what I was able to get this week for under $50: 

{Side note: my grandparents will be in town for the week so I spent a little over my budget than normal.}

- Ice Cream (Nathan really wanted some) 2.69
- Waffles 1.29 (Little Miss Hailey)
- 2 Frozen pizzas 1.98 (for me...I am so bad)
- Shredded Mozzarella 3.49
- Hashbrowns 1.69
- Pepperoni 1.99
- 1 lb Turkey 3.29 (only "meat" Hailey will eat right now)
- Sliced Cheese 2.19
- Polska Kielbasa 2.49 
- 2 lb. Green Grapes 1.98
- 6 granny smith apples 1.50 (for small group dessert)
- bread 1.29
- bananas 1.03
- light sour cream 1.29 (for neighborhood dinner) 
- whole milk 3.29 
- apple juice 1.49
- cran apple juice 1.89 (for small group)
- blackeye peas .59
- 2 large can whole tomatoes 1.78
- peanut butter wafers .99 (papa's fave)
- chocolate chip cookies 1.89
- tortilla chips 1.19 (for neighborhood dinner)
- applesauce cups 1.29 

Total Spent: $42.59 (plus tax)

I was super happy since I had to add a few extra things on my list for our neighborhood dinner, small group dessert and 2 extra people for week. I have all of the other items in my cupboards or freezer for filling meals. 

Each month, I have kept our budget under $150! I am very proud of myself. I will say that I need to be more dedicated with my couponing but I have not really seen any great deals lately. I am praying that will change soon. 

How are you doing this week? I would love to hear! 

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