An interesting beginning to the week...

I have been totally out of it this week and it is only Wednesday! It all started on Sunday night...I realized that I forgot to buy the newspaper! (Well about 4-6 newspapers.) I know it sounds a little silly but I have become very routine. 

That was not the only thing that I forgot on Sunday but we started small group (which is awesome) that night so I did not have time to handout the neighborhood newsletters. I do this every other month on my street...super easy and I get to talk with some of the neighbors. We ended up going on a family walk and handing them out...once we got home it started to rain! It was not good. 

Then yesterday afternoon, the water hose to our washer decided to pop out of the drain and spray water everywhere in the laundry room! It was terrible...Nathan ended up having to come home to help me clean it up and move the deep freezer and washer (which has the dryer stacked on top of it) to clean up the water puddle under them. I will say I now have a super clean floor. 

After we got that taken care of, I handed Nathan the mail to be sent out. Bills are due this coming week and I like to send them out right away but of course I forgot a few days...which normally would be okay with other people but it was messing up my routine. haha Well upon looking at the envelopes for the mail...Nathan realized that I put our water bill in our mortgage envelope. This would not have been too much of a problem but the mailing address that was showing WAS OURS! It would have come straight back to us! 

Nathan told me to take a nap. haha Now, I do blame most of this on being pregnant. I know that sometimes I mess things up but this was crazy. 

All I can do though is remember that God is good all the time and that He has a purpose for every detail in our lives. This week it was to laugh... Laugh at myself and the situations. Because only I would do these in our family. lol  Life will get back to "normal" soon...I hope. We shall see. 

I hope your week has been going better than mine! I would love to hear about it. 

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