Aldi Shopping Trip

 This past Tuesday, I headed to Aldi with Hailey, Eden and Nathan. We were in desperate need of groceries (I think I have already shared that with you.) and I needed some foods that I could eat. Pregnancy has been interesting so far for me with this second child. 

I spent more than I normally do in one shopping trip but I am planning to not have to go back for anything other than milk for the rest of the month. And even with spending a larger chunk, I have not gone over my budget. 

Here is a breakdown (sorry no picture this time):

- 2 boxes waffles 1.29 each
- 1 lg box popsicles 1.99
- 2 ice creams 2.69 each (cookies and cream for me - moose tracks for nathan)
- 2 cans green beans .59 each 
- 2 cans corn .59 each
- 1 can whole potatoes .69 
- flounder fillets 3.99 (nathan will have to cook this when I am out of the house for the day)
- 1 can asparagus .99
- 1 cool whip .89 (sale price!!)
- 2 cartons fat free chix broth 1.29 each
- flour tortillas .99
- 3 lb sweet potatoes .99 (amazing price!)
- 1.70 lb cranberries .99 (amazing price...and hailey does not like these...lol)
- bananas .75
- cheese cubes 1.99 
- egg nog 1.89 (nathan paid a little over 2.50 for egg nog at walmart)
- peppermint mocha creamer 1.38 (I normally do not pay this much for creamer but nathan wanted some for this week)
- 2 jars spaghetti sauce 1.19 each (desperate need of...lots of pasta left)
- 4 avocados 3.16 (.79 each) 
- 2 crescent rolls .99 each (sale price)
- 2 cream cheese .89 each (great price)
- 1 pancake syrup 1.59
- wheat bread 1.29
- premium bacon 3.29 (trying this kind out)
- 4 bean burritos 1.16 (.29 each - except I did get one chicken burrito which are .69 but he priced them wrong...just now noticed this)
- General Tso Chicken dinner 3.99
- baby carrots .99
- sour cream 1.29
- skim milk 3.29
- tortilla chips 1.19
- animal crackers 1.29
- nutty bars .99
- fig bars .99
- choc chip cookies 1.89
- plain bagels 1.49

Total OOP: $64.43 plus tax

Not too bad for all the we purchased. I normally would not buy 2 things of ice cream but I really wanted cookies and cream which is not one of nathan's favorites. Thankfully, I know this should last us the rest of the month. I do need to go back and purchase milk for Hailey...I didn't realize that she was almost out of milk - I am good for another day or two. 

I also will be going to walmart and the dollar store tonight. I am making samples of my Tastefully Simple food products for our annual Holiday Open House that is tomorrow morning. I am in need of butter, mozz. cheese, sour cream and 1 can of beer (for the bread). I have already found a coupon for blue bonnet butter that will make each pack .59 each wyb 3. Super excited. Hopefully, I can find other coupons to help off set my oop expense or maybe they will have the razors that I have coupons for that will give me overage! Pray! 

Lots to do so I must go! Thanks for reading! 


  1. It really is amazing the amount of groceries that you can get at Aldi without coupons. My kids love the Aldi ice cream.

  2. I forgot to say thank you for linking up at the Aldi Savings Linky at the Aldi Spot.

  3. Thank you for put up the link up. I love reading your blog.


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