In Need of Cooking Ideas:

I have been in a little bit of a cooking rut. I have made a couple of new things but I am running out of ideas. And last week my Nana cooked most of the meals for us while Nathan was out of town. I was not feeling very well so it was SO helpful but now I am here by myself to cook. 

Last night, I reheated the chili my Nana made (yummy). What was not yummy was the biscuits and the Betty Crocker Loaded Potatoes. Nana left a can of Pillsbury Biscuits for me to use so I knew they would go perfect with the chili - only problem IT EXPLODED ON ME! lol It was so loud and the biscuits were unrecognizable. They didn't smell to great either so I had to toss them in the trash. The potatoes were terrible too. I ate a few bites but that was it. So I had chili and a couple small pieces of candy for dinner. 

Nathan made a New Orleans Brat, a small pretzel and fish. All was great but the fish which stunk up the whole house! Not good for a pregnant woman but I love him so much that I let him make the fish. I felt bad when he told me it was terrible but then was a little glad that he wouldn't be making it again. lol 

Anyways, tonight we are grilling out even though it is chilly. We are both in the mood for burgers and Italian sausage with corn on the cob. 

But that is all I have for this week. I have lots of beef in the freezer plus 2 whole chickens and legs/thighs. I do need to go grocery shopping so any ideas you can give me will be a HUGE help! 

Thanks so much! 

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