Today, I was in the mood to shop with coupons! When I got home from a baby shower this morning and made lunch for Nathan and Hailey, I headed into the middle room - sat down and checked out what deals Publix was having. 

I wanted to get Progresso Broth and Campbell's Soups but did not get the corresponding coupons in my inserts last Sunday. But that wasn't going to stop me from getting some great deals. Here is a breakdown of my purchase: 

- 3 Idahoan Potatoes 1.25
- 2 Lucky Charms 1.29
- 2 Nestle Morsels Free plus .07 overage - my competitor coupons doubled! Super excited! 
- 6 Dr. Pepper Tens Free (promotion buy 2 get 1 free but used 5 free coupons)

Total OOP: $0.63 plus tax 

I did not notice until now that my competitor coupons doubled and that is not normal. And I just also noticed that the cashier did not delete her mistake of .05 (meant to be .50 coupon)...that meant an extra .05 off for me. I did have to go back in to get the 6th Dr. Pepper - I did not know about the Buy 2 get 1 free and I still gave 5 free coupons but I should have gotten 7 total but I wasn't going to complain since my competitor coupons doubled! 

I saved: $26.51 or 98% 


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