Christmas Candy - Rite Aid and CVS!!

Today was a very busy day for little Miss Hailey and I. We had lots of errands to run: Target (twice unfortunately), Bed, Bath and Beyond, Verizon, Rite Aid, CVS, getting gas, bank, Aldi and two restaurants for gift cards. I still need to go out tomorrow to the mall, get the oil changed, bank, walgreens and dollar tree. 

All of this done, while raining! What was I thinking? Aldi and one of the restaurants was after I picked Nathan up from work so it had stopped raining by then but everything else was done in the rain. My back was soaked after the second trip to Target because my umbrella apparently did not want to help keep me dry. Hailey thought it was funny though. She loved the rain. And I must say, for a 18 month old shopping all day - she did GREAT! We had lots of laughs and lots of crackers. lol 

Anyways, back to my trip to CVS and Rite Aid. Here is a breakdown for each store. 

CVS - done in two transaction because my brain was not working properly! 

Transaction 1: 

- 2 M&Ms bags 2.50 each
- 1 Citrus Coconut Hand Cream 1.87

Used: Free Hand Cream coupon, $1/2 Red Machine coupon and $4 ECBs - plus $0.46 from my gift card to cover the tax. 

Total Saved: $9.85  Total OOP: $0.00 -- woot! 

Now transaction 2 came into play because I purchased the wrong candy. I should have purchased Hershey's which would have produced $2 ECBs but of course I didn't. I didn't want to make a huge mess for the manager so I decided that I would just buy everything. 

Transaction 2: 

- 2 Hershey Kiss bags 2.50 each

Used: $1/2 man. coupon and $3 ECBs - plus $1.46 from my gift card. Received $2 ECBs back! 

Total Saved: $5.98  Total OOP: $0.00 -- Plus $2 ECBs back - profit! 

Love getting candy for Christmas stockings. Especially FREE candy! Love CVS! 

Rite Aid: 

Transaction 1: 

- 4 Peeps (3ct.) .50 each
- 2 Reese Holiday trees .50 each

Used: $1/2 RA Video Values coupon for Reese and (2) $1/2 man. printable coupon for Peeps.

Total Saved: $3.00  Total OOP: $0.27 which was tax! 


Not bad for all that candy plus a lotion! I do not normally go to Rite Aid anymore because the stores in my area have changed. They do not have the normal Up Reward Deals as most stores. It is very sad because I did most of my shopping there. I saved so much money and had a nice stockpile from it. Oh well...my  new favorite place is CVS. I have not had any problems with them! They are awesome! 

What goodies have you been able to get? I would love to hear! 

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