CVS and Publix Shopping Trip - 12/11

Today has been a crazy, busy day! After church, we headed to Sam's Club for milk and bananas  (total spent: $7.65 plus tax) and Walmart for 3 Sunday papers (total spent: $3.00). We came home for lunch and I sat down to plan out my CVS shopping trip. It was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be but I was happy with what I ended up with. Plans are a necessity for me. 

First stop at CVS -- I made a stop at another one on my way home to find one of the Axe Holiday Gift Sets...no luck there but I called around to 3 other stores and finally found one. There is no picture of this since it is a Christmas present for my brother in law. I will give a breakdown of both trips though. 

Transaction One - first store: 

- 1 Combos $2 (get $2 ecb)
- 3 Centrum Pro Nutrients 50 ct. $9.99 each (get $10 gift card)
- 4 Glade Sprays $0.99 each 
- 6 Assortment Mars Candy B2G1 $1.19 each
- 3 American Greetings Cards $0.99 each (get $3 ecb)

Coupons Used: 

- $5 off $30 coupon (emailed)
- $5 off Centrum CVS red machine coupon
- (3) $5 off Centrum mf coupons
- (2) $2/2 CVS Glade product coupons
- $1 off 2 greeting cards coupon
- $2/3 american greetings cards 
- (2) B2G1 Mars Candy coupons (tearpad somewhere?!) took off $2.19
- $8 ECBs from last week

Subtotal: $1.52 plus tax 

Total Savings: $56.59 ($42 was coupons!) or 97% 

I then received $2 ecb, $3 ecb and $10 gift card (CVS). That is a $10.42 moneymaker! Woot!

(Picture not shown) Axe Holiday Gift Set: $9.99 used $3 off coupon - paid with gift card above so no oop. Balance on gift card $2.09 and I received a $2 ecb! 

I then had to head to Publix to get baby wipes and coffee! We did not realize that my stockpile of baby wipes was completely gone until today. We had about six or seven wipes but definitely needed more. :D Two packs of coffee are for stockings from Grandmommy. She gives me lots of coupons each week (and two of her friends) so I was more than happy to get these awesome deals for her! 

- 3 Community Coffee $7.49 each
- 2 Publix Baby Wipes $1.75 each

Coupons Used:

- (3) Free Community Coffee - took off $22.47

Subtotal: $3.50 plus tax 

Total Savings: $22.47 or 87% aka FREE Christmas Gifts!

All in all, I was super happy with my trips today. I did get a couple of rainchecks but I still have time before Christmas! I love that I can use my couponing skills to get more for my family at such a small cost. I love that I am able to give! 

How did you do this weekend? Score any deals? I would love to hear! 

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