Quick Bi-Lo Shopping Trip!

Tonight was Nathan's work Christmas party...it was so much fun! On the way home to pick little Hailey up from Mimi's house, I planned on stopping at the Bi-Lo. So excited because I got everything on my list and it was the last day of the sale. 

Here is a breakdown:

- 6 cans Green Giant Vegetables $1.08 
- 6 Martha White Muffins $2.70
- 2 Cartons of Soymilk $1.98
- 1 Italian Sausage $0.99

Total Before Coupons and Savings: $25.27 

Total After Coupons and Savings: $6.75 plus tax! 

Can't beat that! 73% savings makes me happy! 

Now I am planning my Publix shopping trip for tomorrow. I love being able to get shopping trips done when I am out and about. Saves me some gas! :D 

Share your deals with me! I would love to hear about them! 

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