Publix Shopping Trip 12/14

Today started a new ad for the week at Publix...except this one will last 10 days because of the holidays. I was hoping to purchase a few more items but I did not have the coupons to match up with the sales. Oh well...maybe next time! 

Here is a breakdown: 

- Chips Ahoy
- 2 KY Jelly (free)
- 3 Mueller's Pasta 
- 2 Sundown Vitamins (free)
- 2 Ritz Crackers
- 1 Kraft Big Slices
- 2 ICBIN Butter 
- 2 Cole's Breadsticks
- 1 Gold's Flour

After sales and coupons total was: $4.05 plus tax. It should have been $2.05 plus tax but I was not able to use (2) $1 off Sundown Vitamins since the store coupons covered the total cost but this has never happened to me before. I have used them multiple times this way - one store and one man. coupon but this time nope. lol No worries. 

I saved: $44.33 or 92% - Super excited! 

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