Getting Ready For Christmas...

This week has been pretty crazy. Nathan has been busy at work until the late hours, along with two coworkers. They have been working diligently on fixing software issues. Slowly but surely they are getting the work done but Nathan will be going in tomorrow. So thankful for a hard working husband! 

{He even bought me Wendy's tonight on his way home from work. I have had more cravings with this baby. I don't mind though. :D}

I have been able to get some deal shopping this week...very happy about that but I still not done with Christmas shopping. I feel like I keep thinking of things I have to get. I am hoping to finish tomorrow while Nathan is at work. I will be going to Dollar Tree (ribbon and boxes), Kohl's (Christmas presents with a $10 off coupon) and Sam's Club. 

It doesn't feel like winter/holiday season here so it has been a little hard to get motivated to get things done. It has been 69 degrees! No presents have been wrapped, nor have any Christmas cards been sent out. And I am okay with that. My goal is to wrap the gifts this weekend and week...during naps. (Maybe...lol) I wish I could put them under the tree but Hailey and Eden would try to open them. :D I will keep you updated on how I do. 

On a good note: my house is clean! Since, Nathan was at work late tonight I was able to get a good amount done. Hailey is my little helper - she picked up tiny bits of paper for me. It was sweet. I loved it and I love the fact that I do not have to clean tomorrow! Woot! I also only have one load of laundry left to do! In my house, that is amazing! I can get that done in the morning before I head out shopping. 

How is your Christmas preparation going? Any easy ideas for wrapping presents? Or any ideas for gifts for my sister (mother of 2) and my brother (in college)? Thanks so much friends! 


I almost forgot: WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! I can't wait to start getting her room together! So happy! 


  1. I just wrote a post on fun, frugal and green gift packaging ideas :) Enjoy! http://jandjnewleaf.blogspot.com/2011/12/crafty-christmas-fun-frugal-and-green.html

  2. Thanks so much. I am heading over now to check it out!


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