Aldi Shopping Trip 1/14

This shopping trip should last us the rest of the month. I am gonna get very creative with the meals we will be having. I have lots of canned items and frozen beef. I also realized that I have 2 whole young chickens! I can't wait to see how many meals I can make with those! Woot! 

Anyways, here is a breakdown of our purchase. I did a happy dance at the register and you will find out why at the end. 

- 2 Frozen waffles $2.58
- Celery $0.99
- Carrots $0.99
- Pineapple $0.99
- Vine Tomatoes (5 ct.) $0.99
- Strawberries $1.99
- Greek Yogurt (just realized that they rang up as 1.19 but they were on sale for .37 each)
- 2 Spaghetti Sauces $2.38
- 1 Vanilla 32 oz Yogurt $1.99
- 1 Whole Milk gal $3.49
- Kettle Chips $1.99
- 1 Skim Milk gal $3.29
- 2 boxes Berry Bars $3.78
- 1 blk cheese $1.99
- Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.89
- Thin Spaghetti $1.59 (I know...I paid for pasta! haha - i only have ww and veggie here)
- 1 box Cereal $1.99 (for Nathan!)

Total Spent: $35.49!!! plus tax

Under budget! Woot! I will probably go back today to get my refund on the yogurt. Trying to save ever penny I can. lol I will be going out to CVS anyways so I will go right past Aldi. 

How are you doing? Where do you stand with your budget? 

{Update: The yogurt was in fact $1.19 each - they had the wrong sign in front of some of the yogurt. No problem. I did run into some friends so it was worth the stop.}


  1. Great shopping trip Carlye, isn't it amazing what you can get for your money at Aldi.

    I am actually considering paying for pasta as well, because like you all I have is the veggie pasta, and my husband is not a fan of it:)

  2. Thank you! I sure do love Aldi. I have even talked a few of my friends to go there too.

    Someday I hope to get coupons for regular pasta but for now I will just have to (eek) pay for it. lol


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