Bath and Body Works - 75% off Sale!

On Friday night, Nathan and I went on a date -without HAILEY! It was fun but we really didn't know what to do. So after dinner, we headed to the mall to "walk off" our food. :D I wanted to check out Bath and Body Works because I smelled like the restaurant and I was looking for some hand sanitizer. I was so excited to share what I found!

They were having a 75% off sale on holiday items and saying goodbye to some products. I was so happy! Here is a breakdown of my purchase: 

- 2 Body Sprays $1.25 each 
- 1 Bali Lotion (new scent) $1.00
- 2 Holiday Hand Sanitizers $0.37 each!!

Total Spent: $4.24 plus tax

Total Saved: $12.26 

I was so excited! I will most likely go back again sometime this week to stock up on some of the pocket size hand sanitizers! These will make great gifts for Christmas - stocking stuffers! 

I love great deals because you can plan ahead for birthdays and holidays! 

Have you found any great deals? Let me know! 

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