Different Grocery Shopper For January

I never thought I would be posting this BUT for the month of January, Nathan will be the grocery shopper. He made a comment last month - that he could get all our groceries (does not include baby items) in my budget of $150. Here is the kicker - with out couponing! He said he would use a few coupons here and there and check out the sales ad each week. 

Our first shopping trip was interesting...haha - I was having a hard time giving him total control. Of course, I figured that would happen...no matter how hard I tried. We spent a about $85 ($8 of that was for wipes and we charged an extra $1.50 approx. for salsa we didn't buy - oh well). It is very important that you watch the register and double check your receipt before you leave the store to catch any errors. I wasn't watching because Hailey grabbed a small bag of peanuts and began trying to open it with her mouth...had to add that to the bill. lol 

We also shopped at Publix. They have a great deal on their brand of wipes - without coupons...haven't seen any great sales lately either. Normally, we do not do the majority of our grocery shopping there but at Aldi. Publix did have great deals on squash, zucchini, green beans and kale. Also, we got nice looking pork chops. They even had Publix frozen waffles on sale - very yummy. It was not a total bust. 

Here is a breakdown of what we purchased - remember NO coupons...ekk! ----

- (2) 4 pk. Activia yogurt 2.00 each
- 1 Mayfield Ice Cream 2.79 (bogo)
- sausage links 3.00
- pork chops 2.65/2.46
- stouffer's french bread 3.19 (for dinner Sunday night)
- 5 Healthy Choice Steam meals 2.00 each
- 3 boxes Publix frozen waffles 1.67 each
- 4 pks. baby wipes 1.75 each (didn't count towards grocery budget)
- 2 gal. milk 3.99 each
- 2 blocks Kraft Cheese 2.00 each (bogo)
- 2 cans soup 2.49 each (each can is enough for both of us with grilled cheese sandwich)
- 1 giant container applesauce 2.59
- 1 Pace Salsa 1.34 (charges two times though)
- squash 1.23 (.99/lb)
- zucchini 1.43 (.99/lb)
- green beans 1.28 (.99/lb)
- kale (huge bag!) 1.00
- publix eggs 1.99
- bananas 1.46
- 2 avacados 2.00
- peanuts .50 (hailey's quick grab)
- publix cereal 3.59 

Total Spent: 78.80 plus tax 
Total Saved: 26.92

Some of these prices (especially the cereal) hurt my heart. haha The rest of our shopping trips will be at Aldi and I will still keep couponing here and there. I have to...it is now in my blood. :D The upside to our purchase is the yummy lunches and dinners we have been having! Nathan and I made a meal plan as we shopped. I have a good knowledge of what is in our cupboards, so it was easy to come up with a plan. 

We will be going to get a few items tonight at Aldi. I ran out of sugar and rice - which are staples here in our home. 

Total left to spend for the month:  $72.28 but we can spend $10 more if needed. I have $160 budgeted out but like to try to stay under $150. I think we can do it. 

How is your spending going so far? I would love to hear! 


  1. Great shopping trip, even without any coupons. But wow, your milk prices are crazy!!And I thought $2.50-2.70 for milk here is high!!

  2. Thanks! Yeah the milk prices here are pretty crazy. I hope they will go lower soon. I would love your milk prices! I will say that I can get my husband milk at Sam's Club for $2.79 but that is if we are around that area.


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