Organizing Our Home For 2012

Wow...yesterday was suppose to be our day to just relax and do nothing but that is far from what happened. lol On Sunday night, I was looking on Pinterest and found a great idea! Getting Rid of 100 Things! (I will continue to look for the blog post link for you.) I showed it to Nathan and decided that we would start on Monday! 

So far, we have cleaned and organized the living room and kitchen - started on the spare room and our bedroom. The spare room needs to be turned into Harper Avery's room in the next couple of months. I will keep part of it my office for my Tastefully Simple business and for couponing. :D Here is our purchase list so far: 

- small crib 
- changing table
- bookshelf with doors (for my tastefully simple products and paperwork)
- smaller baby swing (the one we have worked great in Hailey's room but is not too big for the space we are working with - going to see if we can move it to someone else's house. :D)
- wood letters to spell out Harper on the wall - something cute and simple
- paint - still deciding on this one but I am pretty sure we will end up painting the room

I believe that is all on the purchase list for our little girl's room/office. There is not much on the purchase list for the rest of the house...just print out pictures to hang up and new bathroom fixtures (door knobs, mirror, faucet sets - shower and sink). A trip to Ikea will be happening in the next couple of weeks. Date time for Nathan and I! 

Yesterday, we also headed out to Lowe's, Target and Starbucks (for coffee - Nathan got one of those tumblers that gets free coffee for the month of Jan.). At Lowe's, my goal was to look at new shower heads for the bathroom. Nathan got me one for my bathroom and installed it! His will be next but one bathroom at a time. I was so excited. It looks awesome - except the other fixtures do not match but we can replace those as the year goes on. 

At Target, I returned a belly band I got for Christmas - it was too small and of course they did not have the right size so I will have to go back. But the trip was not a total failure. I found felt Christmas ornaments - set of 3 for $0.30 - we purchased 4 sets! I also found Christmas cards - 18 pk for $1.50! I purchased 2 boxes and the 4  sets of ornaments for $4.20! Can't beat that! I saved about $10.00! Not a huge haul but I found a great deal on things I will use! 

Starbucks was the break from being at home. When we returned, I made a small lunch and we continued on with the cleaning and organizing! I am very happy with our progress. Today, I will try to get all the laundry washed/folded/put away and keep the house cleaned. I may tackle the bathrooms but will have to see how my energy level is since I will be watching Hailey and Eden today. 

What is your goal for your home this year? Would you join me in the Getting Rid of 100 Items Challenge? Post your link in the comment area so I can check out your accomplishments and goals! Thanks so much! 

{Total Count In My Home: 30 something - in just 2 rooms!) 

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