Weekly Update

I am enjoying this nice week vacation with family and friends in Erie, Pa. We are staying with my grandparents this week for a little visit and downtime. The agenda - nothing. haha Just to enjoy ourselves, stay up late, eat yummy food and make lots of new memories with my family. 

Sunday - Christmas with the whole family - SO MUCH FUN! 

Monday - Shopping at Old Navy (will be posting about that trip soon) and lunch at McDonald's with my cousin Abby. We had such a nice time. 

Tuesday - Quaker Steak and Lube Dinner with Mikey and Lizzy (my siblings), Derek (cousin), Blake & Austin (Derek's friends) and Nathan for All you can eat wings. (I was able to beat Blake by 1 wing...I ate 25 wings plus 2 side salads and some chips. I was feeling it the next morning. haha) Also, my 2 sisters and brother came to visit - with one of my sister's 2 daughters. such a fun time. 

Wednesday - Took Derek to his physical and to get shots. Very awkward. haha I also took him out to breakfast at Panera Bread - he has never been there. Cranberry Orange Muffin is my FAVORITE! Wonderful home cooked meal by my Nana. YUMMY!

Thursday - Today was just a calm day. Slept in a little bit since Hailey's sleep interrupted by our dog Ty. Not very happy. I was so tired! For dinner, I made 4 pizzas for my family. I used the recipe from MoneySavingMom.com - click here. So delicious! I love being able to make food for my family. We had an amazing time. Lots of laughs. Now just hanging out. 

Friday - Ended up visiting my brother, Mikey in the hospital. He may have had food poisoning or a viral stomach bug. He got out late that afternoon - he went in Thursday afternoon. Then we just hung out with the family for the last day in Pa. Nana made meatloaf sandwiches, mashed potatoes, perogies and corn. So yummy. I ended up staying up with my cousin Derek until 2 am talking. It was a nice time. 

Saturday - Drove back home to Chattanooga, Tn. Hungout with friends to watch the ball drop and then went to bed. 

Happy New Year to everyone! I will be sharing my goals/resolutions soon. I would love to hear about your holiday weekend! 

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