DIY projects for Baby Harper's Room

I must confess, I am on Pinterest a couple times a day looking for ideas for our second child's room. I wanted to keep the costs down but make her new things. Her own things. I don't want her to just have hand me downs. :D I have found some amazing ideas! Here is what I will be making: 

DIY baby bumper
DIY baby bumper (Photo credit and link for the tutorial )
I found a fabric I like a lot for the baby bumper and crib blanket but I am still looking for a coordinating fabric to go with it. I will be posting my adventures of making these things with you soon. I realize I only have 4 months til she is here. That is not a long time for me. haha

Pinned Image
DIY nursery wall (photo credit and for project tutorial )

I love this idea! So simple and cute! I could not find any great deals on the embroidery hoops  but I did on the letters. I will be purchasing the letters from Hobby Lobby and then painting them. I did find a cheaper way of doing a similar project to the embroidery hoops: 

Cheap magnetic boards from burner covers
Magnetic Boards (Photo credit and link for the tutorial

I cannot wait to go do some shopping this week and get started. First, we need to figure out what color we are painting her room - it is in desperate need of being repainted. I am going with a light, neutral color because there are no windows in the room. My store list is: Lowe's or ReStore, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby. I may also check out Hancock Fabrics which is near my husband's office to see what they have to offer. 

So my to do list is: 

- Make the crib bumper and blanket. 
- Paint the room. 
- Paint the letters to spell out Harper. 
- Make the Magnetic boards to go around the name. 

Not too much...hoping four months will be long enough for me. :D 


  1. I LOVE Pinterest!! My Hubby always tell me that ever since I got on it, his honey-do list grew another 5 feet :)


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