$9.43 MoneyMaker @ CVS Today!


I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was about today's shopping trip at CVS! Nathan was with me so he got to see my excitement! He was all smiles with me! It made my day! I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that I was making money on each of the transactions but when I reached the car I was beyond happy! 

I went to CVS to do the Speed Stick deal (Spend $12 get $6 ecb), American Greetings deal (Buy 3 cards get $3 ecb) and 1 Cadbury egg (Buy 1 get 0.87 ecb but mine was $1 since it didn't print out right away!) They had everything I went in for a handful more - you could tell that other people had been there too. And they do get another truck in during the week for the people that come later. 

I did 3 different transactions - last one was because I was short on the Speed Stick Deal. Here is what I purchased: 

Transaction #1: 

- 3 Men's Speed Sticks 1.99 each
- 3 Men's Speed Sticks 1.07 each (on clearance!)
- 1 Cadbury Egg 0.87 


(3) BOGO Speed Stick coupons - took off $3.99 each! woot! 

paid with my gift card

Total Due: $2.25                      Total Saved: $28.65

Got back $3 ecb - needed more $2.82 to reach the spend $12 get $6 ecb deal

Transaction #2: 

- 6 Women's Speed Sticks 1.99 each
- 1 Men's Speed Stick 1.07


(3) BOGO Speed Stick coupons - took off $3.99 each!

paid with gift card and $1 ecb from cadbury egg

Total Due: $1.15                  Total Saved: $28.19

Got back $6 ecb - needed $1.81 to reach the second spend $12 get $6 ecb deal

Transaction #3: 

- 1 Women's Speed Stick 1.99 

paid with gift card 

Total Due: $2.17               Total Saved: $2.00

Got back $6 ecb! 


So to recap, I spent $5.57 - used my gift card from last week's Scott Tissue/Coke Deal and $1 ecb from the Cadbury egg deal.

The total tax was $2.49 of that $5.57! That is crazy!

I earned $15 ecb and still have $1.36 on my gift card! Plus I have $3 ecb from last week! Super excited! 

That means.... I made $9.43 on this order and spent $0 from my pocket! I love it! 

How did you do? I would love to hear!   


  1. Great job!! My latest CVS trips have all been disappointing. The shelves are always empty. However, I got 9 ECB that expire this week, so I'm going to give it another try :)

    1. Thank you! I am glad you are going to try and give it another try. Do you get rainchecks when things are out of stock? They don't expire and you still get the ecb and such. Sometimes better coupons come out too which makes it even better. Let me know how you do!

  2. I never get rainchecks. There are still a lot of things I haven't tried yet, like doing price matching at walmart. Maybe I should give it a try.

    So I went to CVS. I noticed they had a lot of deodorants on clearance, but of course they were all gone :) I was happy I was able to find lady speed stick. Got 6 of them and the register was trying to take $3.99 off each 2, but the cashier was like: oh, no, I can't do this. So she took $1.99 off manually. Oh, well, what can you do :) I know that the store policy says no overage, still sometimes it works. I also got the 3 greeting cards and did the Tom's of Maine deal. Did you find any at your store? The mouthwash is a great deal if you can find any. It is on clearance - $2.74 and you get 3 ECB. They only had 1 left so I got a deodorant as well - $3.99 and got 3 ECB.

  3. I haven't always gotten rainchecks but when I found out they don't expire - I started to. I have done price matching at Walmart - ask if they do it after the rewards given - because they you can use coupons too. It is great. I have gotten TONS of deals doing that - I am still stocked up on toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss, razors, body wash and more. lol

    They should have taken the $3.99 - it is more money for them. lol Oh well, I guess. You still got it for free so that is always good. I did not look for the Tom's mouthwash but I will go tomorrow when I am out. I wanted to get some. The mouthwash I have right now does not taste good to me. lol Oh the joys of pregnancy.


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