FooD LioN Closing!

I found out last night that the Food Lions in our area will be closing by the middle of next month - one will stay open but 113 will be closing down. It is very sad that all of those people will be losing their jobs - praying they find something very soon. 

Yesterday, the stores went to a 50% off sale. AND you can use coupons! Awesome! I stocked up on a bunch of items. Total Spent was about $63 - Here is a rough breakdown of what I purchased:

- 20 Beech Nut Fruitables 
- 3 blocks cheese
- 2 bags shredded cheese
- 2 pks sliced cheese
- 1 (30 lb) bag Iams dog food $18!!!! 
- 3 cans tomato paste
- 2 cans tomato sauce (that was all that was left)
- 1 family size bag of corn
- 3 Welch's Grape Juice (used coupons)
- 2 Coffee Mate Creamers (used coupons and handed some out)
- 4 Marie Callendar dinners 
- 4 bags flour
- 2 bags sugar
- 2 BBQ sauce
- 3 bags mixed beans
- 2 bags french fries
- 2 jars spaghetti sauce

I believe that is everything. I do not have the receipt in front of me and I don't really want to get up right now - my ankles have been swelling up lately- oh the joys of being pregnant. :D I will be trying to go to another Food Lion in the area to look for diapers and wipes and I will go back on Feb 1st because everything will be marked down to 75% off. I will be there right at 8 am! I don't want to be missing out on any great deals. lol 

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