Small Shopping Trip (Again...)

This past Thursday, I was unable to get out of the house and run some errands. Hailey wasn't feel the best and neither was I. She is better now (think she just ate something that didn't sit well with her) and I am almost better. 

So that meant that Nathan and I would be getting out of the house today. We went to Kohl's - I have a $10 off any purchase coupon - need a new tablecloth but they did not have any stocked yet due to the holiday sales...expires 1/12 so I can go back later, Starbucks - to fill Nathan's Free Coffee In Jan. Tumbler, Discount Bakery Store, Grandmommy's - to visit and Aldi. Oh and Walgreens but I will have to go to another store - sold out of DHA supplements.

We did get a few things at the Discount Bakery. So excited about the deals we found. Here is a breakdown: 

- 2 pks. flour tortillas (burrito style) $0.50 each - I wanted to buy all they had but we are trying to stick to our budget.
- 2 loaves bread $0.99 each
- 1 pk. hamburger buns $0.99
- 1 single serving chocolate donuts $0.33 
- 1 single cinnamon roll $0.69

Total Spent: $4.99 plus tax  

Total Saved: approx. $10 (compared to prices at Publix) 

Our Aldi stop was very quick...except for waiting in line. I forgot creamer the other day when we went to Aldi and they were out of lettuce. I don't know about you but I need my coffee in the morning. Also, we made burgers last night and it was not as good without lettuce (and hamburger buns.) Here is a breakdown:

- Creamer $2.19
- Lettuce $0.99 

Total Spent: $3.18 plus tax

I am sure you are wondering where we stand on our grocery budget for the month now...here is what we have left to spend: 

$38.53 - $48.53  

Your probably thinking we are crazy but this is what we have. I plan on sticking to this budget and letting Nathan do the rest of the shopping for the month. We have plenty of food to eat for a couple of weeks now so this should be do able. We shall see. 


  1. I think it's super cute and funny that your husband was all, "I bet I can stick within our budget with minimal couponing." Your budget is very, very modest. I don't think it's possible to stick within your budget without some level of couponing! I'm hoping for your husband's sake that he can pull through this month :) Otherwise, I think you have bragging rights for forever!

  2. In his defense, it was my idea that we went to Publix, the bread store and aldi. haha I am so use to doing the grocery shopping and we ran out of items that I use on a daily basis to cook with.

    I stay at home with our daughter so the grocery budget is one area that I can keep low (as possible) in order to help out. :D

    I do hope he can pull it off though. but then again I would love bragging rights forever. lol

  3. I think you did great!! Our bread outlet sales are pretty lame lately. I baked a lot of my own bread last year, and I think I need to go back to it. But I'm yet to master baking my own tortillas...


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