This week...

This week has been pretty busy and I haven't even left the house. :D I have been able to get a lot accomplished around the house so far. I have made to do lists in the mornings and it has helped so much! Getting to cross things off makes me so happy. I know...I am weird but hey it is the little joys in life! 

I have been able to get almost all of the laundry done, cleaned our bedroom, kept the kitchen cleaned and found a toy box (temporary) for Hailey's room! My favorite thing that I have been able to do is bake 4 small loaves of bread and muffins! One loaf has been eaten and one given away - the rest are in the freezer for other meals. So yummy! 

I love being able to keep up with the regular day to day things around the house. And I get to do it while spending time with the girls. Stressful at times but so worth it. I even got to have one of my lovely friends over for a little while. I love having her in my life because I can share what is going on in my life personally. It was a blessing. 

A new thing this month that I have been trying to do at least each day is praying over the girls and making sure we have a few hours of music and dancing! It has definitely improved the day - much happier babies. :D Also, it makes sure I stay more stress free and focus on the Lord. 

In other news, I have been searching on Pinterest a lot for ideas for Harper's room. I want to keep it a bit more simple that Hailey's room. Cute and fun but not too much - I will be sharing the room with her (my office) so I don't want it to be too girly. lol 

I have found some great ideas so far. We have purchased a crib and changing table from our friends for $100. It saved us a trip to Ikea and a good amount of money. We were looking at a crib that was at least $200 and a changing table that was $70 or so. Crazy! I would still like to go to Ikea for other items but we can do that in the months to come. 

I plan on making the crib bumper and the blanket. I have found a DIY tutorial on pinterest. I will share it in another post soon. I would like to find fabric first before I commit but it will save me a ton of money! Can't wait! 

Anyways, how is your week going? I would love to hear! 

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