Birthday Cake For My Mother In Law

Yesterday, we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. Last year, she made my birthday cake so I thought I would return the favor! I have only made one other cake before but I was willing to try one out. I asked her what kind of cake she would like and she said Triple Chocolate Pound Cake with Chocolate Ganache. I said it was my pleasure. 

I went on Pinterest and searched for Triple Chocolate Pound Cake - here is the recipe I found. You must use it! Triple Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe --- Nancy has a wonderful blog too so you should follow it! She was super sweet and helped me figure out the cooking time for this cake when you baked it in round pans. 

I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream because I forgot to get some. It was DELICIOUS!  Everyone loved it too. I had rave reviews! Let me know when you make it! 

The chocolate ganache was very simple! 9 oz bittersweet or milk chocolate and 1 cup heavy whipping cream. Bring the heavy whipping cream to just a boil and then mix it with the chocolate until smooth. Let it cool if you want it to be thicker then whip it up. So yummy! 


  1. The cake looks really yummy with that chocolate ganache, Carlye! Next time I make the recipe, I'll have to try your ganache! Thanks for the sweet mention about my blog, too–glad I could help out! :)

  2. Thank you, Nancy! I truly love your blog. I love to cook and bake and you have so many great ideas! Can't wait to read what you have next!


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