Aldi Shopping Trip

Nathan got back in town today but had to do a little bit of work at the office. After the girls and I picked him up I asked if we could stop by Aldi -he and the girls stayed in the car. :D 

Here is a breakdown of what I purchased: 

- tyson chicken breasts 6.56 (1.69/lb)
- bread .89
- chocolate chip cookies 1.89
- 2 bags potatoes .99 each (had to do a return - they had the wrong potatoes under the sign)
- 2 cans blk beans .55 each
- mexican corn .79
- lettuce .99
- lemons .99 
- 2 bags spinach .69 each
- bbq chips 1.49
- pretzels 1.29
- chewy granola bars 1.59
- sliced cheese 1.99
- 2 blocks cheese 1.79 each
- skim milk 3.19

Total Spent: $28.41 plus tax 

{ i just noticed on my receipt that I was over charged for a stir fry kit which I did not get so I will have to call them tomorrow. I take pictures of all my shopping trips so I do have proof. :D} 

cookies, chips, lettuce, sliced cheese and bread are for lunches

milk, lemons are for breakfast 

everything else is for dinners! 

- I have spent $85.61 for the month of March. I am right where I thought I would be since I am making all our dinners ahead of time. 

We have enough items for breakfasts and lunches for the next couple weeks. I may have to buy a loaf of bread and a few pieces of fruit but that should be it. Super excited to see how we end up doing at the end of the month! 

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