CVS Shopping Trip 2/14

Yes, I went to CVS on Valentine's Day. lol I had ECBs that were going to expire so I needed to go use them up! And we had already had our Valentine's Date on Friday. 

(I did make Corn & Cheese Chowder, Homemade Cornbread and a yummy salad for dinner. :)

Anyways, here is the breakdown of what I purchased: 

- 2 Dove Shampoo @ 3.00 each
- 3 Dove Conditioners @ 3.00 each

Used (5) $1 off coupons (I should have broke this into 2 transactions...I didn't see there was a Like 4 Limit but they let me slide. :D)

Used $9 ecb's and $1.36 left over from my gift card

Total Due: $1.03 (tax) 

Got back $5 ECB's 

I started with $18 ecbs and ended with $14. Not to bad! I saved $23.95 - You maybe asking why I used cash to pay the $1.03 instead of using more of my ebcs but I would have lost money doing that. They were broken into (2) $3 ecbs and (2) $6 ecbs. 

Total Savings: 100% 

{When calculating percentage saved, tax is not a factor!)

What did you get this week? Did you find any Clariol Hair Color on Clearance? None at my store! I would have loved to score some free hair color! 


  1. isn't it fun to just look at that reciept?!!!

    1. yes! I love when I can see how much I am NOT paying! :D

  2. Can you pay the tax using ECB? I always thought you can't. I got a couple of good deals at CVS this week. Bought 2 sensodyne (my teeth are pretty sensitive and im hoping this will help in time) - buy 1 get 1 50% off, used 2 $1 off i had from a flyer, plus $2.50/2 from CVS's reinventing beauty magazine. Bought 2 colgate total - $2.75 each, used 2 x 75c MQ, and $1 off CVS coupon i had from a while ago and got 4 ECB. 2 Lady speed stick, 3 mennen sick, 1 softsoap shower gel, 1 pack irish spring soap - used 2 BOGO for lady speed stick (this time it actually took $3.99 off. Yay :) ), 75c off softsoap, 50c off Irish spring, got 5 ECB. I also got 1 small nivea creme - 99c but FREE with the coupon they sent me by email last week. I also used a $4/20 CVS q, paid $4.80 cash + 7 ECB and got back 9 ECB

    1. The tax can be paid with the manuf. coupons not the ebcs. So I give the ebcs first, store coupons and then manuf. coupons.

      Great haul!

  3. Ok, its me again :) Do you color your hair with Clairol? Which one of them and what shade? I'll keep an eye in case I find some clearance deals.

    1. :D I do use Clairol - pretty much whatever I can find. Normally, a light to med brown. Thanks for keeping an eye out! Your awesome!


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