Take A Look!

Now you maybe wondering why I have a picture of my kitchen sink on here...but isn't it wonderful! It is EMPTY! Nice and clean! Thanks to my wonderful husband, Nathan! 

He came home late tonight from work...he has had a lot of work to get done. This has actually happened all week and he has still helped me around the house. I know he is exhausted. 

Every night this week, he has helped me with the laundry. And tonight he did the dishes for me. Mind you both sinks were full of dishes and the dishwasher was full. I just do not have the energy to get this done since I am running around taking care of two 2 year old girls. 

I just needed to share how amazing he is! I love him so much! The Lord has blessed me with such a godly man. 

He is my best friend.

The love of my life. 

I am blessed. 


  1. lucky you!!! I think our husbands love when we show our appreciation to them the most....even more then telling them how big their muscles are!!

    1. Haha. He laughs at me when I tell him his muscles are getting bigger. I am a very blessed woman.


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