Aldi and CVS Shopping Trip 2-18

Before I show you my pictures and give you a breakdown of my shopping trips today, I need to tell you about my amazing Nana and Papa. They were passing through Chattanooga this weekend so they came to stay with us for two nights. 

Tonight, Nathan and I had a birthday party to go to - Nana and Papa stayed at our house and cleaned! Laundry, vacuuming, dishes and bathrooms! I am so grateful and blessed! I have not had the energy to clean up the house - like a good house cleaning so this was a HUGE blessing! 

We made a stop at Walmart (gifts for the birthday girl, nana and papa needed food for the semi-truck and we picked up a couple goodies - valentine's candy and cookies) and Aldi. I do not have a picture of what we got a Walmart since it was mostly a birthday gift but we spent about $7 on the goodies. 

The picture above is from our grocery shopping trip to Aldi. I didn't need to get much - which is good because we went a little over our budget but I am okay with that. :D I would rather go over and get healthy food for my growing family. Here is a breakdown: 

- wheat bread 1.29 
- whole milk 3.49
- 5 grapefruits .95
- oranges 1.29
- cheese 2.19 
- red grapes 1.58

Total Spent: $10.79 plus tax

I should have bought bread at Walmart but I totally forgot. They have white bread for .88 and wheat bread for .98 - they are even larger loaves which is awesome. Not a big deal though. 

Now I was really excited about my shopping trip to CVS. Nathan let me run in tonight at 8:15 to get this particular deal since it was our present for Nana for helping with our house. 

AND I just found out that my Papa cleaned up my garden - it still had dead plants in it. I know I should have gotten this done in the early fall but taking care of two little girls during the day does not really give me that time. lol So thankful and again I am blessed! 

Here is the breakdown for this shopping trip: 

- 3 One Touch Ultra Mini Meters 9.99 each

Used (3) $10 off coupons - my wonderful sister in law mailed these to me! 

- took off 29.97 

Total Due: 0.00 - just paid tax - 

Total Saved: $59.97!!!!  or 100% 

*** Plus my Nana's doctor will give her a prescription for the test strips which her insurance covers 100% - SO FREE AGAIN! I was super excited about this! 

How did you do this weekend? I would love to hear about your deals! 


  1. They sound like great people and you are one lucky lady. I don't have any grandparents left....
    We have a birthday party too, tomorrow. I went to Michaels for the bday present. The girl is 10 and she likes to draw and also likes jewelry so I wanted to get her a make-your-ow jewelry kit. I used the 50% off coupon they had and got one for $15. Today I found several ones at Walmart for $10. No coupons needed. Oh, well, you live and learn :) The good part about the Michaels trip was that I found myself a new coupon binder. I don't carry a big binder with me, since it would be too heavy and I want it to fit in my handbag, so I had an accordion type one. Michaels had this address book binders on clearance - 80% off, so I paid $1 for an adorable one. And then I spent hours cutting all my coupon pockets so they would fit in the binder. It really took me hours to get it all organized, but Im very happy with it.
    I also found some adorable cupcake papers for Easter - $1.99 for 70ct. Cant wait to bake some cupcakes and decorate them.

    As far as couponing, went to Publix and got some cereals. Today and tomorrow Kelloggs cereals are 50% off. I bought 5 boxes, used the $5/5 MQ + $1/2 Target coupon and paid $2.80
    I also got 2 bottles of Wish Bone dressing - BOGO - $2.65 - used 2 x 50c MQ (doubled) + $1.50/2 Target q = FREE + 85c overage.
    And last but not least, Lipton black tea 100 ct - BOGO $4.29 - used 2x50c MQ (doubled) + 75c/2 Target q = $1.65 for 2 boxes.
    Well, I sure love to write a lot. I hope you don't mind my long comments :)
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. The birthday we went to was for a 1 year old so we went to Walmart and got 2 straw cups and an outfit.

    I have my Publix shopping list ready - about to go soon. I did not get the $5/5 coupon - ran out of ink and just got some today. I do have other coupons though. I will also be stocking up on Progresso beans and bread crumbs - green giant veggies and wishbone dressing. I will also pick up a couple whole chickens.

    great job by the way! and I love your long comments!


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